Wind & Willow HOT DIP Mixes

Style: Chocolate Lava Hot Dip
Sale price$6.99

Add a delicious touch to your next party or gathering with Wind & Willow HOT DIP Mixes. These easy-to-make mixes provide a variety of flavors that will satisfy any palate. From savory to sweet, these dips are sure to be a hit with your guests. Elevate your appetizers and enjoy the convenience of Wind & Willow HOT DIP Mixes today!

Chocolate Lava Hot Dip Mix is 4.1oz

Loaded Cheddar Hot Dip Mix is 0.9oz

Bacon & Ranch Hot Dip Mix is 0.80oz

Spinach Parmesan Hot Dip Mix is 1.4oz

Spicy Buffalo Hot Dip Mix is 1.2oz

Salted Caramel Hot Dip Mix is 1.3oz

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