Soap Sponges by Caren

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These soapy scent-infused sponges are a great way to combine your favorite Caren scents with easy use and exfoliation. Soap Sponges by Caren make it simple to clean surfaces with an all-in-one tool. Combining soap with a sponge means you don't need to use separate products for the task -- just add water to activate the cleansing power of Caren's soap sponges.

Dimensions - Flower Sponges: 4 1/2 Inches Diameter x 1 1/4 thick.

Heart Sponges: 4L x 1 1/4W x 5H inches.

Double Sponges: 4 1/4 Inches diameter x 2 1/2 thick.

Rectangle Sponges: 2 3/4L x 1 1/2W x 5H inches. 

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