PBK Attitude Block Signs

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Stand out from the crowd with PBK Attitude Block Signs! Add a unique and inspirational touch to any room with this collection of Primitives by Kathy block signs. Show the world your fearless attitude! 

Learn To Rest Not Quit Sign: 6 1/2L x 1 3/4W x 3 3/4H inches.

Actually I Can Sign: 3L x 1 3/4W x 2 1/2H inches

Condescending Sign: 5 1/2L x 1 3/4W x 2 1/2H inches

Adulting Would Not Recommend: 6L x 1 3/4W x 5H inches

Spiders Don’t Fly Sign: 3L x 1 3/4W x 4H inches

Reply All Sign: 6L x 1 1/2W x 5H inches

Appreciate Everything Sign: 6 1/2L x 1 3/4W x 5H inches 


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