Oxo Greensaver Produce Keepers, Herb Keepers, & Accessories

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Keep your produce fresh and crisp with Oxo Greensaver produce keepers and accessories. Extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables while reducing food waste. A happy addition to your kitchen! Elevated inner basket promotes airflow to prevent rotting. 

4 Pack Filter Refills: Lasts up to 90 days! 4 filters = 1 year supply!

Crisper Drawer Insert : 3 1/2L x 3 1/2W inches. Pyramid shape and 360degree hole pattern to ensure airflow.

1.6 Qt : 7L x 5 3/4W x 4H inches. 

1.8 Qt : 5 3/4L x 3 3/4W x 7H inches.

2.8 Qt : 6 1/2L x 4 3/4W x 9H inches.

4.3 Qt : 8 1/2L x 7 1/2W x 6H inches.

5 Qt : 13L x 6 1/4W x 5 1/2H inches.

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