Oxo Pop Container Sets

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Keep your pantry stocked and organized with these Oxo Pop sets! Push the button to securely lock your snacks in place, keeping out any pesky air. Perfect for those extra snacks you can't seem to live without! Dishwasher safe!

8 Piece Set includes: Two 0.4qt/l containers, one brown sugar saver, one 1.1qt/l container, two scoops, & two 4.4qt containers.

10 Piece Set includes: Two 0.4 QT/L containers, two 0.6 QT/L containers, one 2.8 QT/2.6 L container, two 1.1 Qt/1 L containers, one 4.4 QT/ 4.2 L container, one 2.7 QT/ 2.6 L container, and one 2.3 QT/ 2.1 L container. 

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