Adams & Co., A Piece of My Heart Lives In Heaven Tabletop Plaque

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When someone you love goes on to be with the Lord, you know you don't have to say good-bye, instead you are saying see you later. When your family is affected by the loss of a loved one, this tabletop plaque will remind you that your loved has relocated to heaven. This plaque features wooden heart held up by a wire on a wooden stand, printed with the message:

A piece
of my
lives in
Display this plaque on a shelf, desk, table, or counter top. Surround it by pictures of the dearly departed, as a way to remind others that your loved one is not gone, but living in heaven.
- 6 x 11 x 1 1/2 inch tabletop plaque
- A piece of my heart lives in heaven message
- Heart on stand design
- Wood and wire material

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